New kids on the Block, but not our first rodeo!
HOWDY! So you want to know more about us and check we're legit, have a read, and see what we bring to the table.

Put simply we’re just a small team of cyclists with a shared passion for bikes. Our mission is to supply you with the E-bike of your dreams without the hefty price tag.

So, how do we do this? Well, our founder James has spent over 15 years in the cycle industry, forging connections with leading manufactures whom we now have exclusive access too! 

That’s our secret, we go direct to the source whether that’s China or Eastern Europe, no middlemen involved here. And because of this, it means our manufactures ship direct to you which means our lead times can vary from 25-35* days. A small price to pay when you think about it. 

So, what’s the catch? As we see it, there isn’t one! You get top quality E-bikes featuring all the best kit and latest tech at below retail prices. It’s a win-win.

Take a look around our website and find the bike you’ve been dreaming of and if you have any questions or just fancy having a chat feel free to get in touch. 

Electrip bikes is a trading name of Built from scratch investments B.v

Cyclepods Founded
It all started back in 2005 when our founder James had his first eureka moment and started Cyclepods with his partner Natalie. It quickly grew to become the number 1 business in the UK for Bicycle parking and shelters, and still is!
Cyclepods Aquired
Fast forward 10 years. Cyclepods, along with its 24 employees was acquired by CROWD group. A Dutch-based group that specialises in Street furniture and bicycle parking. James was asked to stay on and awarded the role of CEO.
Electrip bikes born
After 5 successful years running CROWD, James decided it was time to start a new adventure. Utilising his network in the bicycle industry of over 15 years, Electrip bikes was born!

Cycling is a key element in reducing the carbon footprint we create by jumping in our cars and even on public transport every day! Electric bikes aren’t “cheating”, they help cycle that extra mile which could have been a car journey! The goal of Electrip bikes is to bring Electric bikes to the masses!

James Steward // Founder
Pick a kick ass bike
Scroll through our extensive range of Electric bikes. Choose a rad ride and then press buy now!
Order processed
We instantly get your order and send it over to our warehouse in the Netherlands. The team there pick and pack your new wheels and get it ready for shipping.
One of our carefully selected delivery agents (depending on your location) will pick up your bike and whisk it away... Getting it one step closer to being in your hands.
In your hands
You'll get a knock at your door and there it is, your shiny new electric bike. Depending on your location its between 25-35* business days for delivery. Unless of course, you live in on a desert island!

Convinced? Well you should be, why not go and check out our kick ass bikes?