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NEED A FLEET? Looking to purchase some pool bikes for your company or organisation, Perhaps even a hire scheme..

We can provide supercalifragilisticexpialidocious discounts on quantities over 5 bikes!

How do we do this… well that would be telling wouldn’t it. Seriously its all about shipping and dealing direct with the manufactures direct. No middle men here!

When shipping one bike at a time, we have to pay a premium for transport. With numbers over 5, we can pre buy space in containers or trains hence a nice saving we pass to you.

Also dealing directly with the manufacturer as we do , there is nothing more they like than a quantity order. The discount they provide to us, we pass on to you!

We can even source specialist hire scheme bike with docking stations and payment processing poles.

So if you need a fleet for the office, organisation, university… where-ever, please reach out to us

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Cycling is a key element in reducing the carbon footprint we create by jumping in our cars and even on public transport every day! Electric bikes aren’t “cheating”, they help cycle that extra mile which could have been a car journey! The goal of Electrip bikes is to bring Electric bikes to the masses!

James Steward // Founder

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