ATV Trike Phatty

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Your eyes are not playing tricks on you, yes this is a bad ass E-ATV trike phatty! You can just imagine yourself running over zombies now! or perhaps just delivering a tonne of pizza’s… what ever takes your fancy this absolute machine is ready for anything with two, yes that right two, 46V batteries. N.B 40- days lead time

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Now you’ve come to terms with what your eyes have just seen, let’s impress you with specs.. 2 x 48v 10Ah batteries, 500Watt motor, rear diff, disc brakes, LED flood lights to front and capacity to hold and carry a lot of weight! This is truly worthy of starring in any B-list zombie movie!

  • 48V 20AH Li-ion Battery
  • Duel suspension
  • Rear differential
  • 48V500W Front and Rear Drive, with hall sensor
  • Tektro, disc brake
  • Shimano, 9 speed
Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 205 × 79 × 920 cm


Frame size

One size for all, 6061 Aluminum Alloy,

Wheel size

3 x 20" x 4.0''


Shimano, 9 speed


Tektro, disc brake


Kenda, 3*20inch*4.0''

Motor & Battery

Bafang Dual Motor 48V 500W F&R Drive, with hall sensor
48V 20AH Li-ion Battery


C961 LCD display


50 % Assembled


Front Hydraulic Suspension Fork


Comfortable and oversized

Riding mode

1:1 Intelligent Pedal Assistant System


40km by throttle
60km by PAS

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