Shipping and delivery

keeping it simple
To get you the best prices possible we only ship from three locations
  • Always traceable

    No matter where we ship from, we always track and trace so once processed, you will be able to track your bike real-time.

  • Safe and secure

    We use trusted couriers to ensure your bike is in the best hands, sometimes they drive yellow trucks and sometimes brown. Can you guess who we use yet?

  • Protected

    All of our bikes are packed well using strong boxes and protective foam to prevent damage.

  • As quick as possible

    Depending on your location, our stock levels and the bike style you've chosen can be with you within 25-35* days. Please be patient, they're worth the wait!

Great Value
Cost-effective shipping offered throughout Europe and the UK.
Online Traceable
Every bike comes with a tracking number so you can follow it to your door.
Trusted Courier
We only use known and trusted courier networks.
Package Promise
Every bike is well-packed using extra think cardboard boxes and foam liners for added protection.
Free Attempt Service
If you're not around the first time, our couriers will try again another time for free.
Happy you, Happy us
Nothing like opening a box and seeing a shiny new bike! Enjoy your ride!