Introducing the Three Phase One. Designed by cyclists to be used everywhere, by everyone.
Battery is being removed from the bike

Removable Battery

stem of front wheel which has inbuilt suspension

Instem Suspension

One Size Fits All Frame

Subtle, Sleek and Designed To Be Seen

We didn’t just design this bike to be ridden, we designed it to be seen, taking our time to create the perfect blend of dutch design and exceptional engineering.

After 18 months of hard work, over $500k raised, and 300 Indiegogo backers, the Three Phase One is now ready for you to take home.

One colour, One Frame. Simplicity = Sustainability 

Removable Lockable Battery

The Three Phase One features a removable, lockable battery with a fast charger, so there’s no need to carry the bike upstairs. And if you feel like pushing yourself, then you don’t even have to turn the power on as it functions perfectly without it. Oh, and by the way, all electrical parts are waterproof rated too.

Industry Leading Components

Coming equipped with leading components such as Shimano gears, disc brakes, a Samsung battery and innovative technology, you’ll be cycling smoother, going further, stopping faster, and turning more heads, all whilst looking awesome.

Treadhunter logo

"The electric bike market is filled with a number of models for riders to choose from, but the 'Three Phase One' eBike takes things in a decidedly different direction..."

Yanko Design Logo

"...doesn’t go out of its way to look overly futuristic, but rather, focuses on a universally appealing and adaptable aesthetic that’s informed by Dutch design principles."

Inceptive Mind Logo

"...a sleek design, smooth rides, innovative features, and cutting edge tech, all without the hefty price tag."

What are you waiting for? Go on, treat yourself.

Eco Worriors

We’ve teamed up with ONE TREE PLANTED to plant one tree for each bike sold. Carbon emissions could be reduced by 12 percent if just 15 percent of urban transportation miles travelled were made by e-bike.*

*Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment 

Firstly thank you for design such a good bike, I have been looking for an E-bike for the last year that has the style of a Vanmoof but the reliability and affordability of a Radrunner. Awesome job!

This is such a beautiful looking bike. Can’t wait for it to arrive. I have already placed an order for the Boost model. 

Super service. It is highly appreciated. Can’t wait to see the bike!

You know you want to...